We are just a few doors up from Camberwell Station on the Burke Rd Tram line.




About Yo-Zen

Yo-Zen Frozen Yogurt-Our Healthy Culture

Our yogurt is prepared fresh daily in store with the highest quality ingredients so that you only get the smoothest, creamiest frozen yogurt available.
“Follow the path to enlightenment”
Not only is our yogurt delicious, it is 98% fat free so every mouthful is a weight of your mind.
“It is said small things can have large effects.”
Our frozen yogurt contains both active prebiotics and probiotics. The Prebiotics in our yogurt act as a super-charged food for our probiotics which protect you from pathogenic invaders. Studies have shown that probiotics are important in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system can help manage lactose intolerance, may reduce the chance of colon cancer and can help in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They can also aid in regulating the immune system which helps reduce inflammation, can prevent coughs, colds and infections and they can also help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
“To attain good health, one must first learn how to find balance.”
When you eat a tub of our delicious frozen yogurt, the good bacteria strain to restore balance and rid your system of impurities which makes every tub of Yo-zen frozen yogurt a truly cleansing experience.


Along with family members, all of our friendly, smiling and fun staff are Yogurt lovers! They are here to make the whole experience at Yo-Zen a memorable one that you want to tell your friends about. From assisting you with the sampling of yogurt, to recommendations on our wide range of toppings, nothing is too much trouble. It’s then up to you to serve yourself and see how creative you can be ! We place no limits on that!

Yo-Zen Store


[Yo-zen] noun

1. An altered state of conciousness
reached only when body, mind and
yogurt become one.

"Located on the site of the original Hoyts Broadway Cinema Circa 1926"


Seating Capacity: 1150


Opening in 1921 as Hoyts “Our” theatre (seating 1800), the venue was renamed the Broadway in 1926. A fondly remembered Hoyts house, it played to capacity crowds in its heyday and found a new audience when fitted out for Cinemascope in the mid 1950s. Some revamps and lowering of the seating capacity kept the Broadway a viable suburban house throughout the 1960s and it was aided by being in the select group to receive features directly after their city run. Competition grew stiffer in the late 1960s after the Rivoli – only a few hundred metres away – was twinned and, although the Village venue dealt mostly with arthouse features, it was apparent that the suburb was only big enough for a single cinema (especially with the more modernised Balwyn theatre operating not too far away). The Broadway nearly made it until the end of the decade, closing in 1979. An usual time for a cinema closure as the effects of the video boom would not be felt for several more years. A group of small retail stores were bulit on the site.


Treat yourself to an indulgent frozen yogurt experience, that is totally your own creation. We serve Melbourne's best tasting frozen yogurt with an abundance of topping choices, from fresh fruit to nuts and chocolate. We also have a range of Smoothies made with 100% Gluten Free Fruit Puree and your choice of frozen yogurt base.

What they say about us

This high quality self-serve yogurt is matched with a perfect environment to hang out in. With several flavours and every topping imaginable, Yo-Zen is the full monty.

Zach Rose    

What a place! Plenty of seating area, friendly staff and most importantly great quality frozen yogurt and toppings. 10/10

Sam Cohen   

I was here with my wife and Manu and all they could say was Yum!

Lukuss Alexander   

My friends are all raving about this place.Had to check it out.Fantastic frozen yogurt, great customer service and a great experience.This place will be booming this summer.

Josh A. Bach   

This yogurt is so bloody good, best in Melbourne, great staff too.

Gabe Kaufmann   

I love this place! The frozen yoghurt is absolutely delicious. Will definitely be coming back!!

Elizabeth Alexander   

confessions of a little piggy
Our Camberwell Store

Our Camberwell Store-A Happy Place to Dwell.

We’ve designed our store as a place for people to come, have fun and relax-not just a spot to get a great tasting cup of yogurt! Located on the site of the Old Camberwell theatre, our store has three separate areas:
• an outside area where you can soak up the sun
• the ground floor where you can sit and connect with friends and
• a raised mezzanine area at the rear where you can retreat for a little ‘me’ time.
We believe our in-store design reflects the holistic approach we’ve taken to your experience and we think you’ll find it’s the little things that make a big difference. From the timber-top tables to the fine China bowls for the toppings from great background music to the soft mood lighting ,and even A large 100 " projector screen and a 60" Flat screen TV showing Music Videos, Sporting Events, Movies and other entertainment –it’s all part of the Ambience that makes up the Yo-zen experience. And as a bonus for those of you who want to feel truly connected, we’ve got YO-Fi, our free in-store Wi-Fi! So wander in by yourself for some “me” time or get a group of friends together and just hang-out for a while-either way we’ll be waiting for you with a smile and a great tasting cup of yoghurt.

“Follow the middle path to 736 Burke Rd, Camberwell”




•736 Burke Road •Camberwell, Victoria 3124


+61 3 9913 8353


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